Office Cleaning

Experts in keeping your office environment prestine

Steadfast Facility Services in Sydney guarantees that your business spaces remain clean, refreshed and well-maintained. Cleanliness is our top priority – we use the highest quality cleaning solutions and eco-friendly products to ensure that your workplace is always safe and germ-free.

Other commercial cleaning companies may promise you all this but only Steadfast will meet and exceed your expectations, thanks to our dedicated team and professional processes. Our deep cleaning services will give you peace of mind by providing a noticeable difference in the standards of upkeep at your workspace.

Night to night office cleaning
Polishing of furniture
Rubbish removal
Cleaning and disinfecting of floors/walls etc.
Bathroom cleaning & disinfecting
Replenishment of toiletries
Window Cleaning & Signage Cleaning
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
Stripping & Sealing of floors
High-Pressure Water Blasting
Hygiene Services
Pest Control Services
Sales of Toiletries
Light & globe replacement
Cleaning of Café Bars
Cleaning of Fridges & Microwaves
Cleaning & disinfecting of telephones
Air-conditioning grilles and diffusers cleaning

Quality Inspections

At any given time our Area Managers/Supervisors randomly visit client sites to ensure the highest service levels. Copies of Inspections are available for client records on request.